Day Trips:

Day trips depart from and return to a convenient point on the side of town near to the destination. See maps. Non-members are asked to phone the trip leader in advance. If you doubt your suitability for a day-trip, or if the weather is turning bad, contact the trip leader beforehand. A phone inquiry does not oblige you to go on the trip.

Weekend Trips:

Weekend Trips may leave on a Friday night (usually for base camps) or Saturday morning. Please book with the trip leader by the closing date. Be certain you want to go on the trip when booking, as it is not fair on the leader to withdraw after the closing date (good excuses excepted). Numbers on some weekend trips are limited, so book promptly.

Bike Trips:

For up-to-date details of any biking trips highlighted below please contact Chris Leaver 03 322 6445, or

Trip details

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5-6 Sep


Discovery Stream—Sudden Valley

Peter Umbers 359 9118

A moderate-hard circuit up the Hawdon River and Discovery Stream to camp above a waterfall. On day 2 we go along the Polar Range to descend into Sudden Valley and back to the Hawdon

Book by Sunday, 30 Aug.


3-6 Sep


Ross Base

Chris Leaver

Staying at the Ross Beach Top10 holiday park. It has 2, 3 or 5 person pods to suit your price preference. Camp or stay in your van. Lots to see: easy walks around Ross, or along the sea coast; longer day-trips, such as Mt Greenland; or bag a hut on an overnighter. Kayak/canoe the inland lagoon or Lake Mahinapua to see tui feeding in the kowhai trees (hire cost with guide $70/day). Cycle the Wilderness Trail or explore the Totara Valley on an inland back road. Evening star-gazing on the beach by firelight. Visit the historic gold-fields and museum, tree-top walk and coffee or just get away and read a book.

Book by Friday, 28 Aug.


6 Sep

Brasenose—Flag Pk—Stony Bay Pk

Graeme Paltridge 384 3592

The cars do the hard work so the effort to climb 785m Brasenose is minimal. We take a short pine forest track to reach Flag Peak then get on a nice ridge track to reach 806m Stony Bay Peak.

Meet 8am Princess Margaret Hospital, Cashmere Rd, North east carpark beside Cashmere Rd. Approx cost $13.


12-13 Sep


Boyle Flat Hut – Faust

Doug Forster 337 5453

A moderate climb from the Boyle over the Libretto Range via 1710m Faust. Anyone wanting an easy trip can return as for the inward leg.

Book by Sunday, 6 Sept.


12 Sep

Stan Helms—Major Hornbrook

Helen Harkness 384 2890

From Lyttelton, we go up the Stan Helms Track to the crater rim, then follow along it to the top of Major Hornbrook Track. Before we go down this track to our starting point, we will do a short loop into John Britten Reserve. Easy-moderate. The Number 28 bus will take you there. Saturday is market day.

Meet 9am Lyttelton, corner of Canterbury and London streets by the sled dog.


19-20 Sep


Nina Hut

Dan Pryce 356 1962

An easy, flat walk in beautiful Nina Valley forest to this modern hut.

Book by Sunday, 13 Sept.


20 Sep

Mandamus River, Island Hills

Kerry Moore 359 5069

An easy-moderate circuit on Island Hills Station.

Meet 8am Placemakers, 319 Cranford St. Approx cost $18

2:00 am Sunday 27 September - Daylight saving starts! Clocks forward 1 hour


26-28 Sep


Avalanche Peak - Crow Hut

John Cook 326 7458

A popular crossing from Arthurs Pass to the Crow River via 1833m Avalanche Peak.

Book by Sunday, 20 Sept.


27 Sep

Mt Manson

Douglas Woods 021 242 9122

This moderate trip starts from the Craigieburn Ski Road. The hight gain makes for a steep but short climb to ascend to this 1860m peak, at the northern end of the Craigieburn Range. Snow may be present, so take an ice-axe.

Meet 8am, Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd Approx cost $18


3-4 Oct


Mt Valiant

Diane Mellish 337 5530

1847m Mt Valiant gives splendid views all-around. A moderate-hard climb from the East Hawdon River.

Book by Sunday, 27 Sept.


4 Oct

Mt Oakden

Gary Huish 332 7020

Yet another way to view Lake Coleridge on this moderate climb of 1633m Mt Oakden.

Meet 8am, Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd. Approx cost $20


10-12 Oct


Lawrence River, Erewhon

Murray Hight 027 555 0059

Parking at Erewhon Station for a flat walk a little way up the Clyde, turning at the Lawrence to stay at the Lawrence Hut. The middle day gives us a chance to walk to the bivvy below Hells Gate.

Book by Sunday, 4 Oct.


11 Oct

Mt Bealey—Avalanche Peak

Calum McIntosh 376 6133

A moderate-hard climb to 1836m Mt Bealey, along to Lyell Peak and on to 1833m Avalanche Peak.

Meet 0700, Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd. Approx cost $23


17-18 Oct.


Brabazon Saddle

Names to Kerry Moore 359 5069,

Near Mesopatamia, this moderate circuit goes up Bush Stream to Crooked Spur Hut , then over the Brabazon Range to Dog Kennel Bivvy and down Black Birch Creek.

Book by 11 Oct.


18 Oct.

Foggy Peak, Castle Hill Peak

Diane Mellish 337 5530

A popular pilgrimage to 1741m Foggy Peak and on to 1998m Castle Hill Peak if you feel energetic. Easy-moderate walk, but a moderate, if you go up Castle Hill Peak

Meet 8am Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd. Approx cost $12


24-26 Oct.


Thousand Acres Plateau

Raymond Ford 022 318 0872

A moderate tramp visiting this fascinating 50 millon year old limestone plateau near Murchison. 4 days so we can visit the Needle and the Haystack which give spectacular views.

Book by 18 Oct.


25 Oct.

Bowenvale—Victoria Park Circuit

Wendy Wallace 338 0550

An easy-moderate walk on the wonderful Port Hills.

Meet 9am at the Bowenvale Avenue car park.


31 Oct.

Okuti Valley—Montgomery Reserve

Graeme Nicholas 357 0047

An easy-moderate walk through Okuti Valley Reserve, past French Hill, past Hilltop, to Montgomery Park Reserve’s big totara. The reserve is often bypassed, but is worth a visit.

Meet 8am Princess Margaret Hospital, Cashmere Rd, North east carpark beside Cashmere Rd.


31 Oct - 02 Nov


Pell Stream—Cannibal Gorge

Geoff Spearpoint 329 0008

We use the Lake Daniel track for a short way then go to Pell Stream Hut. On the middle day we’ll find a way over a low route to Cannibal Gorge Hut on the St James. With the untracked section the trip needs to be considered moderate overall.

Book by 25 Oct.


7-8 Nov


Princess Bath

Gary Huish 332 7020

A moderate tramp behind Hanmer, camping at this large tarn below Mt Princess.

Book by 1 Nov.


8 Nov

Gavin Chalk 027 750 8943

A moderate circuit starting at Woolshed Creek, going up the Rhyolite Track to the Bus Stop and on to Woolshed Creek Hut. Returning to the car via the coal-mine.

Meet 8am Church Corner, 20 Yaldhurst Rd. Approx cost $19

To see planned trips further ahead, click here for the annual Trip List 2020-2021 (PDF)